Green North Bank

The original street trees would be retained to connect together the individual units that make up the park.

Each section of the park would be functionally-distinct and have individual characteristics.

There would be spaces for recreation.

The redesigned riverbank would create opportunities for regular and seasonal of events.

A new revetment would allow people to reconnect with the river.


  1. Yue Rao 29 Nov 2012, 21:12

    for more detail info plz visit:

  2. Evdokia Bakalou 29 Nov 2012, 21:25

    Great design proposal!

  3. zhangzhangzhang 16 Jun 2014, 22:52

    Sweet idea, hope we can make it real together.

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Green North Bank

A linear park from Blackfriars Bridge to Lambeth Bridge


The riverbank from Blackfriars Bridge to Lambeth Bridge, with its proximity to London landmarks and historic gardens is a popular place for tourists. A linear green space would connect them together and complete the green infrastructure network through the centre of London.

At the design level, this would mean moving the road underground, reducing the conflict between tourist and vehicles. What was once the road would then become a linear park composed of several units with individual characteristics. The original street trees would be preserved and help to link the units together as a whole.

The original stone vertical revetment, which hinders people connecting with the river, would be replaced and include steps, float-board gardens and piers. The float-board gardens would contain aquatic plants designed to thrive in the micro-environment of the Thames riverbank. Piers through the middle of the gardens would enable the flow of passengers from river transport to the Underground stations.


Creating new parks




Submitted by

Yue Rao, Chuanwen Yu

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