Green arteries

The biodiversity overcoat would be planted using seeds collected from local open spaces to ensure that it is specific to its context.

Local schools, business and community groups could be involved in funding,  maintenance and education programmes involving these green arteries.

The flyover at Bricklayers Arms in south-east London.


  1. Philip 23 Jan 2013, 09:37

    Beautiful, inexpensive and will help to absorb noise and dust from this overbearing and space-consuming structure. Please can it be built!

  2. Steve 25 Feb 2013, 14:11

    I would absolutely love to see this happen in my lifetime! I can't really see why anyone would oppose such an idea. There are already many successful examples of what this can achieve (see new york). However whilst turning this into a green space would be great I think the bigger problem is 5 lanes of traffic circling in that area. Its well known that large roads blight residential areas and any consideration for this would also be welcome.

  3. Simon Currey 09 May 2014, 03:52

    Great idea, would'nt we all be winners if these were cycle ways? Leading to few cars, less congestion better shorter, safer cycle journeys - as well as as a more beautiful city. Please help me empower patients at

  4. Bridget 18 Oct 2014, 18:36

    Love this ! Hope it gets funding... would simultaneously provide better air quality, noise attenuation, carbon emissions abatement, and visual amenity. Great idea !

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Green arteries

Breath life into Londonís flyovers with a biodiversity overcoat


The post-war drive to build high-speed motorway-standard roads resulted in more than 30km of elevated road in built-up areas of Central London. These flyovers, such as the one at Bricklayers Arms in south east London, blight surrounding areas, dividing communities, lowering land values, generating noise and air pollution and visually degrading the city.

Green Arteries proposes to transform these elevated roads into productive and beautiful green arteries by wrapping flyovers in a biodiversity overcoat able to accommodate a wide range of planting and wildlife. This design would improve air quality, reduce the impact of traffic noise and heat sink effect, and allow biodiversity to flourish.

Bell Phillips Architects estimates that implementing Green Arteries on the roads in Central London would yield approximately 35 hectares of planted space, equivalent to 55 football pitches.





Bricklayer's Arms

Submitted by

Bell Phillips Architects, Spacehub (Landscape architects) and AECOM (Biodiversity and ecology consultants)

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