London Parks Library

Without a physical connection, each park stands apart from the wider network of green spaces in the city. The movement of people from park to park can create an invisible, but strong network.

People would be encouraged to take books with them and visit other parks where they can swap again.

The movement of books would be logged in a record card inside each book, which would tell the story of the invisible network and the movement of people throughout London’s parks.

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London Parks Library

Uniting Londonís green spaces through people and books


The London Parks Library aims to establish a relationship between the capital’s 1,000 green spaces through the movement of people and books.

Many people visit more than one park on a regular basis and the way they traverse the city from park to park creates an invisible, but strong network.

By placing book exchanges in public parks throughout the city, the London Parks Library aims to capitalise on the idea that there are few greater pleasures than spending a sunny afternoon in a local park with a good book.

The premise is simple: people would bring their old books and swap them for something new to flick through in the park or take away and read. Simple bookshelf modules would be cast in concrete, with benches placed in visible locations along paths and entrances.

The exchanges would be supported by a smart-phone app and website detailing locations of exchanges and the books available.


Connectivity across the capital


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