Barge Walk

The Barge Walk has three typologies: first, water from the Thames is cleaned by vegetated wetlands; second, the clean water helps vegetables and flowers grow; and third, it helps sustain the public park.

An aerial view shows how the Barge Walk would be layered next to the wharf.

Map showing a possible location for the project at South West India Dock.

A diagram shows how people and water circulate through the Barge Walk.

How the Barge Walk could be zoned.

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Barge Walk

Draw on the history of the docks to create sustainable green spaces on the water

Highly commended

The Barge Walk hopes to inject life into the sterile business neighbourhood of Canary Wharf by creating a a linear park, farm and wetland on a series of barges anchored at the edge of wharf.

Boat traffic was once the main focus of activity at the West India Dockyards, but with the development of the Canary Wharf business park, activity has turned inward. With land more economically valuable than water, buildings have reclaimed the docks. So creating public space on the water avoids the need to sacrifice valuable real estate.

The Barge Walk is made up of three layers. Closest to land is the park. The second layer is a linear market garden where the vegetables and flowers sold at the market barge are grown. The outer edge provides the green infrastructure necessary to sustian the park and garden. Here, the barges pump in the Thames, passivley cleaning the water as it flows through a series of vegetated wetlands, where it then makes its way to the gardens, the park and the public pool.


Creating new parks


Tower Hamlets

Submitted by

Peggy Pei-Pei Chi and Erika Richmond

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