Roots for the Future

Community seed collection, propagation and planting activities would generate a sense of stewardship.

Community woodlands would be grown on the ‘in between’ spaces.

Biomass supply from planned coppicing and distribution through green infrastructure.

Building a sense of stewardship of the landscape.

Even small-scale interventions add to the mosaic of green infrastructure.

Locally foraged healthy eating.

Providing an outdoor, multi-generational classroom.

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Roots for the Future

Building stewardship of the landscape through community woodlands


Roots for the Future proposes ‘indus-tree-ous’ community woodlands throughout London. As with the High Line, woodlands would be grown on the ‘in between’ spaces – the parking lots, derelict land and left-over and unloved local spaces.

These will be true community-led woodlands. Seeds collected and propagated by local school children would be planted by the community, celebrated by the community and harvested by the community.

Small-scale woodland interventions would create a richly textured tapestry of green infrastructure that draws on the natural character of London and, where possible, embraces existing community gardening projects.

Involving people in the creation of active landscapes is an important aspect for the long-term success of the concept. The woodlands would ‘skill up’ local communities. Projects will be collaborative and educational, and help to encourage stewardship of the landscape.


Urban greening


- City of London
- Hackney
- Tower Hamlets

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