Street Orchard

Bus stops would become hives of activity, providing habitats for urban bees, which in turn pollinate the network of fruit trees.

A cross section showing how bus shelters would be engineered.

Insulated bee hives in the orchards encourage pollination.

Each street would develop its own identity depending on the type of fruit trees growing at its bus shelter and providing a network of orchards throughout the city.


  1. Sunil Modi 08 Apr 2015, 22:31

    Can any bus stop user have the fruit that drops or will it be collected by the street for distribution? Likely to be targeted by vandals more If it were more readily available to children, make a better snack than chocolate etc!! Might also teach about seasonality of produce........ Tree branches are also a hazard for vehicles so mini/bonsai-style trees or vines maybe better?

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Street Orchard

Turn bus stops into mini orchards of fruit trees to halt the declining bee population


Street Orchard proposes planting fruit trees at bus stops all over London. The standard bus shelter roof would be altered and a larger, sloped, sedum roof added to catch falling fruit, collect rainwater for the tree and reduce surface run-off. Good fruit would provide food for passers-by and unused fruit would become compost or could be used to make produce.

The decline of the bee population in the UK poses a threat to food supplies as bees pollinate a third of the food we grow to eat, so insulated beehives would be placed within the trees. This is to encourage pollination and enable fruit-bearing trees to spread across London.

Each street would have a different type of fruit-bearing tree, helping to give local areas a sense of identity. For local people, this would increase their everyday connection with nature throughout the seasons both at street level and, for commuters, provide a pleasant view from the top deck of the bus.




- Camden
- City of London
- Islington

All London

Submitted by

Between Bricks: Laura Rowland and Claire Beard

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