Greening the Old Kent Road

The Approach.

The Garden Hub.

The Green Link.

The Gasworks.

The Skate Park.

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Greening the Old Kent Road

Kickstart regeneration by greening the grey

The Old Kent Road has a long history as an important thoroughfare in London and is famous as the cheapest property on the Monopoly board. Carolyn Willitts Design believes it can be greener.  

Greening the Old Kent Road proposes a series of bold landscape interventions that would create a network of green spaces to stimulate regeneration.

The Skate Park: A barren concrete roundabout would be transformed into a high-octane urban skate park.

The Approach: An imposing and divisive concrete flyover would become an elevated approach exclusively for pedestrians and cyclists.

The Garden Hub: An overgrown plot for sale would provide space for community food production and ‘grow your own’ activities.

The Gasworks: A former gasworks would be reclaimed as an urban park. The industrial textures of the gasometers provide a unique backdrop for performance venues, local recreation and cultural events.

The Green Link : An opening would be created on Old Kent Road that would link Bridgehouse Meadows to Brimmington Park. 

The Trees: A street tree strategy would assess existing tree provision and proposes a framework for maintenance, enhancement and new tree planting.


- Transport
- Urban greening


Old Kent Road

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Carolyn Willitts Design

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