@BridgeLIFE blackfriars

The bridge would become a multifucntional space, both pleasure gardens and a commuter route for cyclists and walkers.

Overhead cycleways would provide new, sustainable commuter routes.

The bridge would be a fluid, green structure snaking out across the river.

An aerial view shows the bridge in situ between Blackfriars road and rail bridges.

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@BridgeLIFE blackfriars

Rekindle the aspirations of the old London Bridge and create pleasure gardens over the Thames

@BridgeLIFE blackfriars suggests bringing the habitable London Bridge of old back to life as a multilevel, green structure, teeming with activity, vegetation and safe cycle- crossings over the Thames.

The structure would be founded on the four redundant sets of quadruple-clustered piers of the London Chatham and Dover Railway, between Blackfriars road and rail bridges. A sequence of spaces and routes would weave between these piers and across the river, providing new views and experiences of the capital framed by the seamless integration of vegetation and engineering.

The engineering structure of the bridge would be articulated to create functional forms and elements such as seating. Opportunities would be explored to generate income, so that @BridgeLIFEblackfriars becomes commercially self-sustaining, with credits available for the local communities.

By creating opportunities for promenading, play and recreation for all ages, communities once separated by the river would have a reason to reconnect.






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