Bishopsgate Community Gardens

Glass chambers could be constructed within the viaduct to provide a series of hot houses that would enable exotic vegetation to be grown in east London.

An aerial view revaling how the community garden would function.

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Bishopsgate Community Gardens

Convert Bishopsgate Goods Yard into a colossal communal garden

Though currently an urban wasteland, Bishopsgate Goods Yard is an important strategic site in East London. The immediate urban area around it – a multicultural melting pot of people epitomised by bustling streets – gives it the potential to be transformed into a community-led green space. 

This enrichment of the local environment would play an integral role in regenerating the immediate area, improving access to nature and inspiring a sense of ownership of the land for those who live there. 

The decaying Victorian structure of the Braithewaite viaduct would be transformed into an growing and learning environment, with allotment spaces provided both on the viaduct structure and on the ground surrounding it.

Plaza spaces on the site would provide the opportunity for market days where local vegetables can be sold, while a wild flower meadow on the viaduct would create the perfect habitat for the introduction of bees, insects and birds to the site.





Submitted by

Hanna Doyle

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