A rendering of the forecourt for Victoria station.

The interior of the station.

A renewed Pimlico Wharf wetland in the underground ticket-hall.

Landscape sections.

Montage showing evolution of Grosvenor Canal and Pimlico Wharf Basin, and an underground map showing the restored basin.

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Create a sense of place by amplifying the interactions between landscape, architecture and infrastructure

SimpliCity proposes a ring of woodlands, grasslands, marshlands, and wetlands running along the River Thames and connecting at Victoria station. The idea is to amplify exisiting green infrastructure by connecting it into a wider landscape, providing a new, legible route by which people can navigate the city. 

At Victoria station, the landscape interventions would draw on the history of the site while seeking to address the challenges the area will face in the future. The result would be a reinvigorated and beautiful station with a clear identity. 

A renewed Pimlico Wharf wetland introduced into the underground ticket-hall would activate the grassland forecourt on the surface above it. Platforms would be modified to allow light and water to filter through to the wetlands below.




Victoria Station

Submitted by

Ian Ellis and Nelly Fuentes

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