Victus Pontis

The scheme is inspired by the past, builds on the present and looks to the future. Its location connects vibrant parts of the city and aims to germinate growth in green infrastructure through the heart of the capital.

Harvest time could be a celebrated event, reminiscent of the annual fruit harvests of England. 

Bio domes would encompass part of the bridge and the riverbank.

A view from the water.

Aerial view shows how the bridge would look in situ.


  1. Sunil Modi 08 Apr 2015, 23:24

    Apply this to The Garden Bridge to be built and its exorbitant cost maybe worthwhile.......if horticultural colleges, adult education colleges and schools could work on it, it would be a great training/education resource + food factory to the local restaurants and even schools

  2. justin davis 03 Jun 2015, 15:36

    The idea behind our proposed Garden Bridge was for it to be a fully public space with provision for community involvement and that it should provide an educational resource for neighboring communities. I must admit I am not a fan of private spaces which are are open to the public, the city needs more genuinely public spaces.

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Victus Pontis

Bridge of food and life

Victus Pontis proposes a dynamic installation that spans the Thames where medieval London Bridge once did. Green infrastructure celebrate Old London Bridge’s historic connections, linking it with existing riverside walks, Borough Market, the old Billingsgate Market, Tower of London and Potters Fields,

Native planting styles and a productive landscape would be combined to stunning effect in this high-profile Central London location. The external park planting would be in the form of crops, cut flowers and fruit trees.

The hi-tech biomes would focus on intensive food and flower production, providing both an educational resource and a contemporary twist on the traditional glasshouses. 

Cultivating the orchard landscape would require maintenance and the project intends to involve local residents and businesses, with the aim of strengthening communities. 


- River Thames
- Transport


London Bridge

Submitted by

Justin Davis

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