The 'High' Street could provide the prototype for how to put life back into high streets all across London.

The zigzagging green walkways would create an aletrnative way to experience the high street.

The ‘High’ Street would also solve issues relating to urban drainage by harvesting rainwater and surface run-off for irrigation.

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The 'High' Street

Reinvigorate the high street with food-producing rooftop landscapes

This proposal aims to reverse the decline of the high street at Chapel Market in Stoke Newington by creating an innovative and unique rooftop landscape for food production and live events. Interlinked by novel walkways zigzagging across the skyline, these spaces would be designed to provide an alternative experience of the high street and look visually intriguing from ground level. 

This rooftop ‘High’ Street would be accessible via key gateways that make use of previously derelict existing buildings. Communities and local businesses would manage food production or activities in the rooftop spaces and the resulting goods would be sold at ground level in markets, cafes or grocers, so that proceeds would be reinvested locally. With food production taking place directly above where trading occurs, no transportation would be necessary.

In order to satisfy the need for uses not usually associated with the regular high street shopping experience, rooftops could provide spaces for activities such as yoga classes and could also act as invaluable educational resource for local schools. 

These pockets of green landscape would also enhance biodiversity by creating habitats for wildlife that may otherwise not exist in the urban environment.


- Connectivity across the capital
- Urban greening



Chapel Market, Stoke Newington

Submitted by

Applied Landscape Design

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