Canal Gardens

How canals could offer an aletrnative experience to frenetic city life.

Canals would be places for play, recreation and public art.

Reorganising the space adjacent to canals could create a safe and pleasurable journey for cyclists and pedestrians.

Cross section reveals how the canal towpath could be restructured.

Public art and interventions that create access across the canal could be integrated.

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Canal Gardens

Offer Londoners a slower pace of life by rediscovering its canals

The vision for Canal Gardens is to rediscover the secrecy and peacefulness of London's canals in the heart of a frenetic city.

As a remnant of 19th century industrial growth, the canal is currently underused and unloved. London’s canals are commonly perceived as being inaccessible and unwelcoming – the towpath allowing both cyclists and pedestrians, but being unsuitable for either.

Opening up the canal banks and introducing new proportions would create a green transport link for bicycles and pedestrians from west to east London and a safe environment for people to gather, play, exercise or relax.

To contrast with the hectic environment of London's streets, this would be a linear park experience designed for a slower pace of life. Designed to evolve and adapt with time, Canal Gardens could become a catalyst for the regeneration of the identity and character of each area it passes through.


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Luciano Giubbilei Design

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