Fleetwell Elevated Park

The Fleetwell project would be part of a larger scheme to introduce sustainable urban drainage projects along the routes of the Fleet and other lost rivers in London.

A view from underneath the river park.

How the river park would look in situ.

Riverside pathways offer benches, docks and picnic areas.  It is likely that birds, waterfowl and other wildlife would be attracted to the water. 


  1. Andrew Donkin 28 Feb 2013, 11:10

    Love this imaginative scheme to rediscover and save one of London's many lost rivers.

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Fleetwell Elevated Park

An elevated river park for Farringdon

The Fleetwell proposal sets out to create a new home for the River Fleet, long hidden beneath Farringdon Road, by elevating it over the Farringdon railway cutting. Offering new sightlines south to St. Paul’s and the Shard, the raised linear river park would feature walkways, gardens and pedestrian bridges.

The park would sit on top of mixed-use buildings housing art galleries, cafes, educational spaces and shops. The buildings themselves would offer opportunities for Clerkenwell-based architects to create a mix of eclectic, human-scale facades. 

To create the green raised corridor, the project would bridge over two streets running east to west. The park would provide pedestrians travelling north to south with a quieter, pleasurable alternative to a congested Farringdon Road and Turnmill Street.

The new raised River Fleet would be a quarter of a mile long and fed by rainwater collected from adjacent buildings and by extracting and filtering water from the original Fleet.

Grey water from the buildings below the park would irrigate the garden plantings. On Farringdon Road, water that would have gone into storm drains would be diverted into tree-lined, roadside planting beds.


Lost rivers of London



River Fleet, Clerkenwell

Submitted by

Miles Dennison


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