Deptford Desire Line

The Line, with its wonderful towering array of repeated arches, creates numerous opportunities to punch through and form new links with surrounding spaces.

Green infrastructure can reactivate old, forgotten spaces.

The Line would help to reconnect communities on either side of it.

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Deptford Desire Line

Give new meaning to old monuments

Throughout the centuries, movement arteries have fed the city, bringing life, energy and opportunities. Many of these, such as railway viaducts, Roman roads and grand canals, are monuments of their time – still functioning, but often no longer celebrated and, at worst, dangerous spaces. 

Today, they have the potential to create new opportunities by which to strengthen the connections between town and country. The Deptford Desire Line would reinvent a forgotten corridor of towering arches and rail-side access roads to create a new corridor of nature and activities. 

Reinvented linear monuments such as the Deptford Desire Line would enhance and transform the function and resilience of the city on a number of scales. Railway journeys would continue overhead, while below public art and nature would co-exist as temporary or permanent interventions, symbolic gestures bringing life and meaning to this corridor of liminal, in-between space.





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