Floating Gardens

Each floating garden would also function as a plant exchange, encouraging people to take home and nurture different plant species in their own gardens thereby enhancing biodiversity.

Floating Gardens is an attempt to recreate the vegetation that would have once grown alongside the river.

From sports to live music, the floating gardens would be designed to handle major events and their spectators.


  1. Viviane 17 Dec 2012, 14:26

    What a wonderful idea!!!

  2. Aravind 01 Aug 2013, 14:40

    for funding in spopurt of his Permaculture community garden and forest garden in Brixton. Apparently he has had one successful project and is now embarking on his second. However, I can find no mention of any Permaculture project in Brixton TT. Is it on your forthcoming map?Thank you for your help.Best wishes,John

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Floating Gardens

Create new spaces for public events on floating gardens in the Thames

The idea behind Floating Gardens is to somehow regenerate the level of vegetation that originally occupied the River Thames.

The gardens would be accessed via London’s many bridges and different sized gardens would serve different purposes. Some would offer aquatic transport, operating like little green boats ferrying passengers to and from the bigger gardens, which would host spectator events.

The medium-sized gardens would be the heart of the floating garden system, providing sites for water treatment plants, biomass energy production, local food growing and composting organic waste to fertilise the bigger gardens.


- Bio-diversity
- River Thames


River Thames

Submitted by

Tiago Zulian


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