Reinventing Public Space

The average Londoner spends 74 minutes commuting every day. This is a significant amount of time to spend in uninspiring stations and on grey platforms. So why not make them green?

An increase in vegetation and planting would create a more pleasant environment experience in Underground stations.

London's stations could be reinvented as semi-enclosed parks.

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Reinventing Public Space

Reinventing public space around London's transport nodes

This design idea looks to make the experience more enjoyable by opening up Victoria station to create a semi-enclosed space with more vegetation. In 2009, numerous London stations were flooded due to heavy rainfall. One of the benefits of increasing the amount of vegetation is increasing absorption of surface run-off and improving drainage.

The Victorian architecture at the station lends itself  to the creation of glazed roofs, which would essentially create a large green house over the station. This could be opened up on sunny days, while trees, greenwalls and groundcover would be incorporated inside.

The surrounding open space would see a significant increase in soft landscaping, while shelters could incorporate green roofs and solar panels to power hydroponics systems and specialist indoor lights used to grow plants lining the Undergound platforms.





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Wai-Po Poon

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