The Living Bus Stop Shelter

A huge photo of a tree crown placed within two laminated, tempered glass panels linked by a dramatic, tempered glass back panel, would make people feel hidden wihin its branches. 

'Branches' support the bus shelter.

Side profile of how the bus shelter would look.


  1. John Clifford 01 Mar 2013, 11:10

    Excellent idea; and oasis in a brick and concrete jungle!

  2. Edoardo 01 Mar 2013, 20:29

    It's fantastic!! I love it 💚💙, I want it in Sanremo!!! This living bus it's amazing

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The Living Bus Stop Shelter

Bus stop shelters re-imagined as treehouses

Taking inspiration from tree houses, Zeno Perfetti’s Living Bus Stop Shelter is designed to be an example of a green street furniture that could be installed throughout London, offering people a sense of refuge from the hubbub of city life.

Each bus stop shelter would be covered with a pre-vegetated green roof mat of sedum and moss that simultaneously beautifies the built environment, while improving air quality and reducing the distribution of dust and smog throughout the city.

The green roof would require minimal maintenance and can thrive without irrigation. It would be supported by wooden posts resemblimg tree branches and surrounded by green, metal grid-seats with bedding annuals or biennials to maintain year-round colour and interest.




All London

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Zeno Perfetti

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