Between the Railways

Better walking connections through London could be created by giving disused spaces to local communities, rather than fencing them in.

The site of the Greyhoud Stadium as it looks today.

Play spaces would be created for the children of the local school, which has no green space facility of its own.


  1. Miles Hodgkiss 27 Feb 2013, 09:16

    London, South London particularly, has many such brown spaces and a project such as this one would benefit real people and not merely a corporate or municipal image. A PROJECT TO KICK START A TREND such as this one would I'm sure also inspire similar projects elsewhere. Questions around the treatment and cost of polluted ground would need to find a permanent source of central funding but otherwise such conversions could with volunteer spirit prove relatively inexpensive on the tax payer.

  2. Cliff 01 Mar 2013, 06:41

    What a lovely idea. This area really needs a boost and some more local spaces for children at the school. I often pass it one the train and it looks horrid at the moment! Let the local people use it!

  3. Jonathan Ranger 01 Mar 2013, 08:52

    This is a great idea - using exisiting under-utilized space to create a new environment. A very elegant solution. Well done Lili Sutton!

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Between the Railways

Use brownfield sites to create community gardens

Between Catford Station and Catford Bridge, lies the former home of Catford Greyhound Stadium. Having closed in 2003, it now sits derelict and disused. Between the Railways proposes a brighter future by turning it into community gardens.

Lili Sutton’s designs aim to address problems associated with local traffic by creating walking and cycle links from other local green spaces through the site. A local School, which does not have a green space of its own, would also be able to use part of the site as a play space.

Areas close to the railway lines would be given over to wildlife, while close to Catford Station allotments would be set aside for the local community.

A sports hall and teaching room in the north of the site would give local people the opportunity to engage in sporting activities and provide a facility for evening classes.


- Creating new parks
- Transport


Catford and Catford Bridge

Submitted by

Lili Sutton

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