Green Line

Vegetation grown underground would animate the Tube platforms.

Trees would spring up in the station terminals.

Escalators would take people up under a canopy of vegetation.

A network of green infrastructure connects Underground stations.

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Green Line

Create a new network of green infrastructure underground

Starting at Westminster and spreading outwards like the life-giving roots of a tree, the Green Line would bring green infrastructure to the Undeground.

Sustainable technologies, such as sun-pipes and LED lamps powered with renewable energy from photovoltaic, kinesynthetic, geothermal and hydroelectric sources, would be used to create green spaces underground and link them with the network of green spaces above.

Trees, living walls and possibly even small-scale food production could be nurtured in this way, helping to soften the hard landscape of engineering and improve the air quality in an otherwise busy and stifling environment. 




London Underground

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Strata Landscape Architecture

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