Six Characters in Search of an Author

New sculptural 'high lines' would create opportunities for artists to engage with the local community and new vantage points for people to look out over south London's green space.

A map showing where green infrastructure interventions would be made.

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Six Characters in Search of an Author

Art and green infrastructure

In Ornella Rocca’s proposal, which aims to provide new open spaces and arts centres, the stage is set as Tooting, south London. Six 'characters' then invade the stage and demand to be included in the play. They are: the boulevard, the plaza, the green roof, the green wall, the street tree and the green space. 

The proposal incorporates each of them. The rooftops along the main street would be opened up for art installations by local artists, while a new strip of trees and shrub planting would create a more intimate pedestrian path by separating it from the carriageway. 

The name Tooting derives from an old meaning of the verb ‘to tout’ or ‘to look out’. A series of new ‘high lines’ – suspended sculptural structures inspired by this link to Tooting’s past – would be constructed in disused spaces to provide fresh vantage points from which people can look out over south London's green spaces.


- Transport
- Urban greening



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Ornella Rocca

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