To Battersea and Back

By extending the lighting style of the more popular stretches of river frontage and using planting beds and a simple paved and illuminated trail, pedestrians could be encouraged to walk as far as the new development at Battersea Power Station, and from Tate Modern to Tate Britain. 

The River Thames provides an excellent and easy-to-follow navigational aid through the centre of London, but away from the main tourist thoroughfares, the westerly stretch towards Chelsea and Battersea is underused.

Sections illustrating how river access could be provided where none currently exists using walkways and pontoons.


  1. Kate Porter 29 Mar 2013, 13:37

    I currently live at St George Wharf and would appreciate enormously the opportunity to walk along the river front to Battersea Park. I take my dog running in the park, but am forced to take the busy road along Nine Elms to get there. It would be wonderful to have a relaxing walk along the river front to get to one of London's most beautiful and well equipped parks & it would surely encourage more people to make use of this great space. I would be happy to be involved in any petition for this.

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To Battersea and Back

Use new development as a catalyst to rejuvenate the Thames Path

To Battersea and Back sets out a rejuvenation scheme for the Thames Path by linking the £8bn Battersea Power Station redevelopment with Westminster and the South Bank.

The embankments would be extended and reinvigorated to provide a clear, safe, attractive route along the River Thames.

Proposals for how this would be done include extending the successful visual signature of the South Bank westwards to encourage visitors to explore and residents to commute, and by creating an appealing circular route to enable tourists to walk easily between attractions.


River Thames



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Keith Baker

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