OverGreend Park

OverGreend Park aims to promote recycling of green spaces of the past for the London of the future.

The park would provide connectivity through sustainable transport routes.

Wooden arbors, rubber pathways and metal structures for solar trees could be made from reused and recovered materials, thus reducing cost and saving energy normally involved in the production and transportation of new materials.

Solar drainge trees.

Landscape programme.

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OverGreend Park

Artificial green systems can add a new dimension to old London

OverGreend Park aims to give continuity and connection to urban green spaces left disconnected by the development of London's rail network.

The proposal is based on two basic actions: to regenerate the existing topographies and to overlap these with flexible, artificial green systems, which in turn help new nodes of activity to flourish. For example, by restoring walking and cycling routes between Brick Lane and Shoreditch.

A central green corridor would locate drainage systems that help protect adjacent housing areas and allow vegetation and green space to flourish. Artificial landscape systems such as solar trees, which are powered renewably and use photovoltaic feedback systems, would collect and store rainwater. This would enable irrigation for the green spaces and night-time lighting.


- Connectivity across the capital
- Transport


Shoreditch Station

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VN design group


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