The Queen

Paving slabs around seating areas would be replaced with tiles of carpeting plants such as thyme and saxifrage.

Water walls would brighten up a boring wait for the bus, while a central rill in the pavement would collect surface run-off.

The green pavement park would link Victoria train station with the nearby coach station.

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The Queen's Garden Path

Join up key transport nodes with green pavement parks

Train stations, bus stops and airports are transport nodes providing gateways into and out of the city. But transfer also occurs between these nodes. This proposal looks at how connecting Victoria Railway Station with Victoria Coach Station via a green pavement park along Buckingham Palace Road could add another dimension to people's journeys.

The vehicle route would be narrowed to a single bus and cycle lane in each direction and the pavement widened. The park would be both a green connecting corridor and an outdoor waiting room – sufficiently clear to allow a constant current of pedestrians to flow, while also providing lush pool areas where people could stop for a rest.

Bus shelter roofs would be carpeted with sedum, resembling pieces of a green mosaic when viewed from the top of a bus and acting as a sponge to absorb and retain rainfall. Any excess water would be directed to flow down the side of the shelter, creating a water wall to animate the space on a rainy day.

A rill would run through the length of the pavement, connecting the water walls and collecting surface runoff. This could also be inscribed with wayfinding information for travellers, with decorative grates providing crossing points.





Submitted by

Rosalind James

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