Moselle : Underground

This proposal focuses on Highgate Underground station, where one of the Moselle’s springs originates. The old station would be redeveloped into a Moselle Museum and restaurant, with a terrace dining area arranged around the old railway tracks. A glass walkway would lead into the Underground station, with museum displays on one side and a view to the river on the other. A new lift would also take visitors directly from the Underground station to the restaurant and museum above.

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Moselle : Underground

Reinvigorate Haringey by restoring the Moselle

The Moselle is one of the subterranean rivers of London – a tributary of the River Lea that flows through the Borough of Haringey. Although the Moselle is still very much alive, most of it is buried, with only a memory of it remaining in street names and an enduring interest from urban explorers.

This proposal imagines how the Moselle could be woven into the fabric of Haringey by using nearby Underground stations as focal points. Entrances to Highgate, Turnpike Lane and Wood Green stations would become mini-museums displaying information about the flora and fauna of the river and the history of Haringey.

At each of these locations and at Haringey railway stations, the Moselle would be restored to create new green spaces that help extend the river’s influence – existing parks would be strengthened through restoring the river within them. Local amenities, such as themed cafés, bars, even fishing and rowboat hire, would complement the Moselle, helping to restore its environmental, civic and community significance.


- Lost rivers of London
- Transport



Submitted by

Tania Ostanina - Nicholas Hare Architects LLP

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