The focus of this proposal is the site at Old Street underground station, where Xylon would be accessed via ticket turnstiles so as to generate revenue and regulate vistiro flow. Xylon is meant not as a building but as a framework to allow the elements within it to grow, adapt and shape the interior organically.


  1. Sunil Modi 08 Apr 2015, 23:26

    Could make waiting for a train (at rush hour) more pleasant!! The planting may help regulate the environment (humidity, temperature etc) better than mechanical means or at least reduce the impact of the latter. If most stations did this, it would dramatically change the urban environment like a sea of skyscapers.......

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Why not create a vertical park experience?

Xylon is an idea for a new infrastructure that would plug into the existing underground system and, in the process, create new public green space.

This could be replicated across the city so that the elevated structures, which look a lot like supersized electricity transmission towers, would provide transmission lines for a new high-line bus system.

Inside the Xylon structure itself would be a new form of public green space. It would contain elements of a traditional London Park such as extensive and varied planting, grass areas, meadows, meandering cycle paths, a pavilion and boulevards. But additional features would be borrowed from further afield: rainforest-like density, a tree canopy walk, zip line, vineyard and banana farm.




Old Street Station

Submitted by

Rory O'Hagan


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