Lea Bridge Waterworks

This proposal imagines what could be achieved with the Lea Bridge Waterworks if the barriers were removed and new links were made.

New links in the form of pontoon bridges and flood relief channel steps would be integrated into the site.

Exisiting barriers and fences that shout 'keep out' would be removed.

A map showing the existing three sites that make up the Lea Bridge Waterworks.

A map showing four new links (in red) to help create a connected urban park.

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Lea Bridge Waterworks

Turn forgotten Victorian filter beds into a new urban park

This proposal takes a fresh look the Victorian filter beds at Lea Bridge Waterworks and asks what could be achieved if the barriers were removed and new links were made.

By unifying the three separate waterworks sites, a viable park could be created that links Hackney with Leyton and creates a continuous green space from the Olympic Parklands to Walthamstow reservoirs.

Essex1 (the three sites are referred to by the original names given to the filter beds) is the missing piece of the jigsaw. Owned by Thames Water and used as a temporary storage depot, the filter bed was filled in 1986 with inert waste and capped in concrete, which is now decaying. Nature has already reclaimed the once sterile environment at Middlesex and this project proposes transforming Essex1, albeit more formally.

Lea Bridge Waterworks explores the evolution of the site from river marsh to drained meadowland, to mills, bridges and filtration beds and, as nature returns to the area, proposes re-integrating these assets into an urban park.


Creating new parks


Waltham Forest

Lea Bridge

Submitted by

Harry Hewat


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