Victoria Line Parks

Imagine if the approach to Brixton station looked like this?

A view showing how connections with Brixton station could be created on multiple levels.

An aerial view of how a landscape approach to Brixton station could look.

A plan showing how landscape interventions at the station could influence the wider Brixton area.

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Victoria Line Parks

Give tube stations landscapes to be proud of

At the heart of many London communities, there is a tube station that is often hidden underground or behind an architectural fabric. Through a series of landscape interventions, a green infrastructure network could be mapped onto the existing tube network and new green settings created for each station.

This proposal sets out examples for how this could be achieved at 16 different sites along the Victoria line, but the concept could be replicate on other lines, according to where communities are most in need of green space.

The idea is to enhance an area by creating a new civic space that would draw on local culture and heritage, and act as a catalyst for regeneration, tourism and biodiversity. Spaces could make use of multiple levels, connecting unused roof spaces to provide elevated pedestrian walkways and new vantage points from which to view the cityscape.  


- Creating new parks
- Transport


All London

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Chris Price

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