Grape London

Urban vineyards would be planted on unused land alongside railway lines throughout the city. This image shows how a linear vineyard at Drayton Park station could look.

Once each vineyard is established the community would follow an annual cycle of work to produce, process, distribute and consume an annual harvest of fresh fruit, juice, wine, oil and firewood.

Vertical vineyards could be grown at local restaurants.

A map showing the linear vineyard between Gillespie Park and Finsbury Park station.

Diagram shows the relationship between the railway line and the vineyard.


  1. Sunil Modi 08 Apr 2015, 23:27

    Given the increased in wine in the UK & we now produce large quantities including for export, maybe worth taking to established vineyards & wineries about supplying them e.g. London Cru, West Brompton - what effect does urban atmosphere (dirtier) have????

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Grape London

Planting urban viticultural communities

Grape London proposes planting a vineyard in the field between the railway fence and the footpath leading from Gillespie Park to Finsbury Park Station. 

Grape varieties would be chosen that are proven to grow well in London’s typical clay soil and climate. Once established, this site would serve as the mother vineyard from where mature vine cuttings would be taken every year, propagated on site and then transplanted out on strips of unused land alongside London's railway lines.

The vineyard at Gillespie Park would be extended in the form of linear vineyards southwards to Drayton Park and on to Canary Wharf, as well as northwards to Finsbury Park, Haringay and beyond. 

Local communities would identify other strips of unused land by railway lines to plant vines and, assissted by a qualified viticulturalist, help extend London's green infrastructure by creating a network of urban vineyards.

A suitable organisation within each community would manage the labour process of each vineyard, so as to provide excellent opportunities for people to take part in physical exercise and skilled labour, and in the production and consumption of their own food.




- Haringey
- Islington

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Daniela Sikora

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