The Shared Street Space

The functions of the street space would be varied between weekdays and weekends, and peak and non-peak times of the day, creating a flexible local space.

This close up identifies the key areas and funnctions for the space.

A new masterplan for Billet Road.

A cross section through the timber decking that would be integrated into the bus shelter design.

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The Shared Street Space

A new blueprint for shared city living

Inspired by the Medieval idea of shared common ground, Shared Street Space aims to create a universal open space to make the experience of a city more like that of a park. It proposes a new spatial blueprint for shared yet autonomous city living.

Billet Road in Waltham Forest could provide the model for this. The centre of the street would be allocated as a 'driveway' with bus shelters adjacent to thriving marshes. Next to this would be a cycle path and each house would have an assigned growing space in front of it to encourage people to grow their own food and engage in outdoor activities. 

A rill system would be installed in front of the growing spaces to connect the surface water to the surrounding retention basin. The rill system would also divide the private and public, though visually it would appear as a unified landscape space.




Waltham Forest

Submitted by

Nicole Kaman Yip

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