Public streets would be repurposed to open up 70 per cent of space for pedestrians and cyclists.

The Green Highway would revitalise communities and support local art, music, shops and recreation.

An aerial view of how the Green Highway would connect areas in need of green space throughout the city.

A plan of how the street fabric would change.

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London's Green Highway

Redesign public roads to create space for local networks

The London Plan and The All London Green Grid identify a number of areas that are in desperate need of access to green space and economic regeneration. Green Highway proposes to revitalise these areas by creating a green travel connection throughout the city.

The proposal would see streets repurposed to increase pedestrian and bicycle zones to 70 per cent of public space, compared to 30 per cent currently. There would also be a number of newly designated parks and community gardens, each designed by a different landscape architect.

By dividing the Green Highway into 12 mile-long stretches (each with a mile-long 'wall' designed by a local artist), communities would have an area around which to construct a neighbourhood identity.

The Green Highway would form the backbone of London's new green infrastructure and the starting point of a remodelling process for many other roads and spaces throughout the city.


- Connectivity across the capital
- Transport


- City of London
- Newham
- Tower Hamlets

Submitted by

Matthew Cool and Erik Wenger

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