The Old People

Even narrow spaces could be adapted to create opportunities to rest and socialise.

Outdoor senior gyms would promote health and wellbeing.

Large spaces would bring together separate programmes without compromising on access.

South-facing sun pockets would become senior 'hangouts'.

Introducing street lights would make the canal paths safer and usable at all hours.

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The Old People's Playground

Provide 'senior priority moments' along London's canals

This proposal focuses on the needs of London’s seniors by transforming pockets of open space along the city’s canals into suitable ‘old people’s playgrounds’.

While London is full of opportunities for young people, families and children, older people are largely invisible in the urban landscape. This project aims to rectify that by giving seniors a platform to meet and engage with younger generations on their own terms.

The banks of London’s canals have become busy commuter routes with cyclists and pedestrians often fighting for the narrow space. But there are lots of small spaces brimming with unrealised potential that could provide moments to stop, sit and enjoy the surroundings.

By separating the different traffic typologies, introducing a suite of hard-wearing street furniture, and programming activities for these pocket spaces that encourage seniors to come together, rest, play, learn and exercise, this project would create 'senior priority moments' along London’s canal system.


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Regent's Canal

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Ditte Astrup

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