Docklands Light Railway High Line

This shared space for pedestrians, cyclists and all other commuters would help to ease foot traffic on the pavements below, allow for a new elevated view of the city and provide a much greener, more relaxing alternative to the usual rush-hour commute.

The DLR at Canary Wharf station.

Painted road labels would inform walkers and cyclists of the travel time between each station.

Tall grasses such as Briza media would rustle as cyclists pass to give pedestrians extra warning that they're coming.

The DLR route from Canary Wharf to Mudshute.

A map showing how the high lines would be implemented in stages.

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Docklands Light Railway High Line

A greener, more relaxing alternative to the DLR

This proposal aims to create a greener commute by integrating new public green space into London’s raised DLR route. Designed to be implemented in stages, the initial proposal would run from Canary Wharf station to Mudchute station along the original DLR line, providing a new pedestrian green link between the stations and the existing public parks in the areas (see map).

The new 'high line' walkways would be set over and between the existing DLR tracks. The depth of the load-bearing railway structure would allow soil deep enough to grow a wide variety of plant species, including mature street trees such as Betula costata and Koelreuteria paniculata.

This raised walkway would be treated as an intensive green roof system with a series of vegetated bio-swales holding drought resistant native plants such as Lychnis flos cuculi (Alba), Lilium martagon (Orange Marmalade) and Iris versicolour, which provide year-round colourful visual interest but also minimise rainwater runoff and help reduce the local urban heat island effect. 

By incorporating these new walkways into each station platform, existing lift and escalator systems would enable people to reach the high lines, so minimal alterations would be needed.




Tower Hamlets

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Laura Critchlow

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