Openwork: The All London Lattice

Mt Pleasant is envisioned as a vibrant cultural hub that celebrates the seasonal beauty of nature within an architectural framework – offering contemplation, recreation, education, concerts and more.

This is the drainage concept at the scale of the site – a series of high and low elevations would punctuate a gentle topography, draining and filtering water through raised beds and storing it below ground.

The drainage concept at the scale of the city – Openwork would introduce a series of closed systems for the harvest and storage of rainwater. A cellular approach would regionalise the city by rainwater collection and reuse.

The proposal would repurpose the underground storage facilities at Mt Pleasant for water storage.

Site plan

Landscape prototype configurations

Approach view

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Openwork: The All London Lattice

Reinventing Mt Pleasant

On a site devoid of native soil and occupied by a piece of historic infrastructure, Openwork proposes to create an exciting and verdant experience – re-imagining a new life for Mt Pleasant, the flagship sorting office for Royal Mail.

Inspired by the significance of the site as a centre for mass communication, the proposal would reclaim Mt Pleasant, turning it into a destination for city dwellers and visitors to gather and explore nature in the heart of the city.

By creating a landscape prototype, Openwork proposes a solution to the endemic challenge of cities worldwide: how does one plant without earth? It imagines a series of undulating raised beds, lushly planted with native, ornamental and edible plants and trees, that create corridors leading to open spaces.

This dynamic topography would incorporate onsite storm water retention, creating a self-contained system of irrigation and drainage that repurposes the hollow underground spaces of the sorting facility.


Creating new parks


Mount Pleasant

Submitted by

Elysian Landscapes with Dana Bauer

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