Wasted Spaces –Temporary Places

Seeds and cuttings could be collected from established spaces and introduced to new sites, allowing the initiative to be replicated throughout the city.

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Wasted Spaces –Temporary Places

Breathe life into vacant sites

Vacant development sites litter the city. Boarded up and under-used, they provide little benefit to the local environment and make no contribution to London’s green infrastructure.

Until such time as they are developed, ‘meanwhile leases’ could allow these spaces to be used to create a network of biodiversity that would enhance ecosystems and become an integral part of the city.

An ecology toolkit containing a basic palette of treatments would be used to provide realistic solutions for these sites, ranging from low-impact habitat creation such as wildflower seeding, through to more involved interventions such as coppice woodland. Both would provide opportunities to create landscape features and community spaces.

The toolkit would enable sites to be dealt with according to their individual needs – sympathetic to size, context and future development opportunities.




London N1

Submitted by

Illman Young Landscape Design


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