Tran[Sport] for London

The 'fast lane' would run past Westminster.

Embankment would provide a ramp for BMX and skateboarders.

A fast track for cyclists would cut through Leicester Square. 

Marble Arch would provide opportunities for skateboarders.

BMX riders would enjoy a 'drop zone' at Tower Hill.

A map shows where green ribbons of sporting activity would overlap with the Underground network.

Tran[sport] for London would celebrate green space as a location for sustainable transport and leisure.

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Tran[Sport] for London

Create a healthier city with stations for sport

This proposal is designed to capitalise on the energy and enthusiasm for sport in London following the Olympic Games. The idea is to celebrate green space as a location for sustainable transport activities and as potential sporting arenas for the city. 

The Undeground network would be expressed at ground level through a green network – a ribbon of cycle ways, footpaths and gardens – that provide new contexts for sporting events and activities around different tube stations. Each location could become recognised for a particular sport, giving them a strong identity and injecting new life into the surrounding area.

Tran[sport] for London aims to change the perception of the city by allowing people to walk, run, cycle, and skateboard at locations and venues that have previously been off limits. By creating opportunities for sport in everyday life, the proposal aims to encourage a healthier population.




All London

Submitted by

Paul Testa, Sheffield Design Collective

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