Cracks in the Pavement

Like vegetation growing through cracks in the pavement, this design is inspired by nature’s resilience and beauty, even within the urban metropolis. The structures would appear to burst through the pavement, sending a green wall skywards before retreating below the surface.

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Cracks in the Pavement

Create an ecological network of green roofs

Inspired by the New York High Line's alternative use of infrastructure to create green space, Cracks in the Pavement prioritises the need to embed green infrastructure into existing hard landscapes.

This proposal aims to do this by by transforming the bus shelter network in central London into green roofs, which mimic the self-sustaining processes of a natural ecology.

The design will stay true to green infrastructure ideology by implementing an ecological and low-impact system that provides ecological services while promoting the relationship between humans and the natural environment.

Unlike traditional infrastructure, this design will be multifunctional, providing rainwater catchment, water filtration, a green roof and community aesthetics. By using an ecologically sustainable cyclical design to capture and reuse rainwater, the green spaces will be capable of self-sustaining plant life and additionally filtrating water to a drinkable standard for public use.




All of London

Submitted by

Nathan Noack

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