Thames Reed Fields

South Bank render racing east.

The reed field in winter.

The reed field in spring.

South Bank steps render facing west.

Cross section.

Aerial view of the reed field.

South Bank sketch masterplan.

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Thames Reed Fields

Re-engage visitors to the South Bank with the river and its wildlife

London's identity is entwined with the Thames. The river shapes the culture of the city and this iconic form has driven the city's power. It continues to inspire people, which is why the chosen site for this project is London's South Bank – visited by around 300,000 people a day.

The design proposes floating modular raft reed fields (Phragmites australis), which would span the space between the bridges at Blackfriars and Southwark. The reed fields would function as a natural habitat that would encourage wildlife to re-establish itself in the heart of London, at the same time helping to clean the river water and increase the city's green spaces.

Today's river's edge is ridged, canalised and inorganic. Thames Reeds Fields proposes a new boardwalk along the river's edge at the South Bank, which would provide another tier for movement and socialising that would eradicate many pinch points along the river, especially with the increased footfall from nearby Blackfriars tube and rail stations.


- Bio-diversity
- Connectivity across the capital
- River Thames


South Bank

Submitted by

Edward Coveney

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