Ecological Islands

Bus shelter roofs are approximately 9.24sqm. With 12,500 of them refurbished or replaced, an additional 11.55ha of green space would be created for London – that's the equivalent of 23 football pitches. This area would not only allow biodiversity intensification but would decrease rainwater run-off to the drainage system, reduce carbon dioxide through photosynthesis and add the delight of being able to look down on spring blooms from surrounding top-floor windows or the top deck of a passing bus.


  1. Theresa Kingston 26 Feb 2013, 17:30

    What a creative and novel idea. This would certainly brighten up the views of all those working i high rise offices as well as helping the environment.

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Ecological Islands

Sustainable stepping stones for flora, fauna and insects

To understand London from an insect's point of view, the city needs to be considered in three dimensions. The spaces between things, above and around buildings, signage and street furniture, are a habitat in themselves. London is already a very green city, with large formal parks and vast unkempt commons. This proposal's ambition is to link these spaces to aid the spread of flora, fauna and insects, and increase biodiversity.

Transport for London is responsible for 12,500 bus shelters across the capital and its suburbs. Introducing pocket parks for wildlife on the roofs of these shelters would create stepping stones or safe havens for insects and birds along key routes through the city and between our existing green spaces. The islands would provide links between parks, commons, railway embankments, rivers and private gardens.


- Bio-diversity
- Creating new parks
- Transport



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