Crossing Path, Connecting Park

Render of the street.

Render of the junction.

Render of the garden.

Junctions over existing barriers.

Proposed new garden.

Existing gardens and squares.

Street connection.

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Crossing Path, Connecting Park

Give Oxford Street shoppers a greener retail experience

Oxford Street is one of the busiest retail streets in the world, but it lacks connections to green spaces and spill-out areas that could provide chances for reflection, peace and quiet. 

The closest green spaces are currently isolated islands within the urban hardscape. This project proposes creating a new green crossing between Regent's Park, Hyde Park and St James's Park that would help to interlock new movement patterns and encourage a slower urban pulse for a healthier and more biodiverse inner city.

Priority would be given to pedestrians and cyclists along the calmest traffic routes, and more space given over to trees. An increase in soft landscape areas and permeable surfaces would create opportunities for rainwater to be retained, which would in turn nourish a greener urban fabric. By integrating flora and fauna to 'germinate' the city streets, an ecological land bridge would be created between each park and its habitats.


- Connectivity across the capital
- Transport



Submitted by

Nina Kolbeck

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