Plane Speech. Location: Speakers' Corner, Hyde Park.

Symmetree. Location: Tottenham High Road.

Knowledge Tree. Location: Old Street / City Road.

Aerial view showing tree network.

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There's Nothing Plain About a London Tree

Don't ignore the cultural significance of our trees

There's Nothing Plain About a London Tree provides site-specific interventions to demonstrate how trees could better act as conduits between people and place, replacing the conventional 'fence-and-amenity-grass' treatment of many urban green spaces.

‘Knowledge Tree’ in Old Street would offer people on the move a chance to recharge their laptop or mobile phone at a tree-mounted, solar-powered recharging station. This would reflect Old Street’s growing reputation as a technology hub and gives the tree a further useful function in the context of its role as a provider.

‘Plane Speech’ at Speakers’ Corner would integrate speakers’ platforms underneath a number of trees, providing an elevated, sheltered position for speakers. Here the tree would be re-imagined as an enabler of freedom of speech by supporting a function.

‘Symmetree’ in Tottenham would be an intervention about achieving balance and harmony, where benches suspended from trees can only be sat upon by more than one person, enabling new interactions and cooperation in a post-riots Tottenham.





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Camlin Lonsdale

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