The Lido Line

By making swimming a viable alternative to cycling or walking to work, the Lido Line would return Regent’s Canal to its original purpose – connecting raw materials (workers) with their place of production (workplace).

The Lido Line would be there for people to enjoy, whether swimming or taking a stroll.

In the winter, the Lido Line could be converted into a high-speed link for ice skaters.

The Lido Line would provide other opportunities for people to enjoy being close to the water, such as an open-air cinema during the summer.

Lidos would be created at points along the route for people to enter or exit the water, or sit and enjoy the view.

A map of the Lido Line route.


  1. Vesna 12 Mar 2013, 05:24

    Great Idea for a beautiful City, congratulate!!! Vesna

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The Lido Line

A swimmable commuter route from Little Venice to Limehouse Basin


Could London’s canals help to integrate forgotten and underused green spaces, and kick-start regeneration? [Y/N] Studio’s Alex Smith and David Lomax want to make swimming a viable way to commute to work with their Lido Line. From Little Venice to the Limehouse Basin, their proposal would see Regent’s Canal made a clean, safe place to swim by carving out swimmable commuter routes using a breathable, multi-layered membrane that filters detritus and bacteria.

Such a system is currently being pioneered by +Pool for a public swimming project in the Hudson in New York City. The water – and local biodiversity – would be further improved by incorporating oxygenating reeds.

At key locations along the line, lidos are formed to allow people to stop and change, or relax around the water. In the winter, a thin gauze of material can be inserted into the water along the route, reducing its depth and allowing it to freeze, forming a high-speed ice-skating link that cuts through the capital.





Regentís Canal (from Little Venice to Limehouse Basin)

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[Y/N] Studio

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